Sphärische Linsen

Sphärische Linsen

CLZ Precision Optics offers a wide range of high quality Spherical lenses for a variety of applications, including Plano Convex Lenses, Plano Concave Lenses, Bi-convex Lenses, Bi-Concave Lenses, Meniscus Lenses, Spherical Mirrors and Achromatic Doublets. We are good at supply custom lenses from your design, our manufacturing capacity from diameter 10mm up to diameter 200 in a full range of optical glass materials to meet most applications, and we are also offered in a wide variety of coatings to meet your needs and specifications.


Manufacturing Equipment

6   Curve Generator Machines

6   High-Speed Grinding Machines

4   High-Speed Lapping Machines

7   Conventional Polishing Machines

12  High-Speed Polishing Machines

4   Centering Machines



Zygo® Verifire Interferometer - 4", includes 1kx1k @100Hz camera, 1-6X continuous optical zoom, PMR, Mx software, QPSI vibration robust acquisition

Opticentric Centering Machines

Edmund Optics Scratch-Dig Sets

Spherometers , Calipers, Dial IndicatorsDial indicators accurately measure small distances and angles and are used for dimensional measurements of optics.