IR Optische Komponenten(Infrarote Optische Komponenten)

Siliziumfenster und Siliziumlinsen für infrarote abbildende Systeme


The single crystal of silicon used in semiconductor has low absorption in the infrared wavelength of 1.2 - 7μm and it can be used as an optical element of infrared light. CLZ Precision Optics can offer silicon windows and silicon lenses for NIR and Mid Waveband Infra-Red Imaging Systems.

Silicon (Si) is a hardness material and has a good transmission in the IR bank, it is a good choice to made IR windows to protect other elements of lens systems.

And refractive index of about 3.4975 at 1.357µm through to 3.4176 at 11µm, it is good choice to used in broad spectrum thermal imaging systems. Sometime, the Si lenses will be used with Ge and ZNSE in the optical systems to form well corrected.